REV Journal
  • The REV Journal on Electronics and Communications (REV-JEC) has appeared in the research community since 2011. To keep its present quality and at the same time, to increase the participation of potential authors and to enlarge its readership, we decide to offer three different formats of articles: regular, short and correspondence. While it is required for a regular article to present substantial scientific contributions in sufficient details; a short article should present a complete study with significant contributions, usually more limited in scope than what is found in a regular article; and a correspondence article may offer new ideas, new results or comments that need to be quickly communicated.

  • This magazine is for the consumers who are interested in useful electronics appliances on audio, video, smartphones, and other electronics equipment with newest technologies and models.

  • Electronics Today
  • Vol.2, Issues 3-4

During the past 25 years, the Radio-Electronics Association of Vietnam has collaborated with scientific institutions in the country (the National Program KC-01, the R&D centers of DGPT, VEIC, Ministry of Post & Telecommunications,-now the Ministry of Information & Communication) to hold regular Vietnam Conference on Radio & Electronics (REV Conference) in the even years. Since 2008, eleven REV Conferences were held.